Here are the top solutions to help you build a store and start selling products online! Read and discover whether or not Shopify ecommerce website builder is one of them!


So, you want to start selling your items online but you don’t know anything about how the process goes. You want to build an online store but you don’t have the skills or the experience, when it comes to coding and web designing. No problem – there are lots of ready-made options and solutions on the market, for people like you who are interested in launching an online store.

In this article, we will present you the best online store builders that can help you start selling your items online. Read and discover whether or not Shopify ecommerce website builder is one of them:

  • Squarespace – This ecommerce solution can be used for creating and designing a regular site and a full-on online store. The templates and themes you will have access to are very slick, so if you want to build an aesthetically pleasing website – Squarespace is the right platform for you. The templates and themes are highly customizable, meaning you can easily edit the look of your website, according to your needs and preferences.
  • Magento – This is probably the number 1 ecommerce platform on the market. They have some really impressive clients such as Birch Box, Seat, Burger King, and others. But, you need to keep in mind that they make it a little bit more challenging for a person without basic experience to set up and run a website.
  • Shopify – The most popular ecommerce solution in Canada, USA, and probably in the whole world. WIth Shopify ecommerce website builder, you can set up your own online store in less than 30 minutes. Shopify makes it super easy to upload all of your products and has cool themes you can use to make your website unique, catchy, and breathtaking.

According to the experts, the winner is Squarespace. If you are interested in quickly set u your online store, creating a great looking ecommerce website, this is without a doubt the best option for you. Shopify is pretty similar to Squarespace, so if you aren’t using Squarespace, we highly recommend you to consider Shopify.

Let us know what you think of these website builders. Share your experience in the comments below!